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“South Platte Water Renewal Partners” isn’t just a new name for our organization, it is also a signal of a significant cultural shift. Over the past two years, we have initiated many positive changes to our safety programs, such as:

  • New training program designed to add value and establish a common dialogue about safety;
  • Restructured Safety Committee to gather new perspectives and focus improvement efforts; and
  • Standby rescue crews to ensure staff have emergency responders readily available during work tasks that require confined space entry.

SPWRP continually strives to ensure our employees have a safe and healthy workplace, and we believe that maintaining a safe and healthy lifestyle is something that can benefit someone in all aspects of life.

Proactive Safety While Off the Clock

Staying safe is a mindset that should follow us throughout the day, not just while we’re “on-the-clock.” Those who maintain this attitude are less likely to be injured than those that who view safety as a job requirement. According to the Centers for Disease Control, accidents are the third leading cause of death, only behind heart disease and cancer.

Connect the Dots

Slips, trips and falls are just as likely to occur while working in the yard as they are at the office.

Remind others that they should take the same precautions against these hazards at home as they do at work, including reading labels, wearing personal protection equipment such as safety glasses to protect their bodies, and removing tripping hazards.

How to Create Safe Spaces at All Times

  • Put Things in Their Place
    • Remove clutter from stairs, doors and walkways.
    • Secure loose cords with ties and anchors.
    • Store chemicals with the lids intact and store in cool, dry places.
    • Never mix acids with bases, and keep flammable and combustible materials away from corrosives.
    • Keep medications in secure locations and ensure they’re always in their original, well-labeled containers.
  • Create A Plan
    • Develop an emergency action plan with your co-workers and family. For example, determine at least two escape routes, an exit plan and a meeting point in the case of an emergency.
    • Make an emergency kit with essentials, such as a first aid kit, medicines for common ailments, bottled water, flashlight, radio and a list of emergency phone numbers (e.g., doctors, hospitals, poison control).
  • Drive Safe
    • Always use a seatbelt.
    • Perform regular check-ups on your car. Keep watch for deflated tires or broken lights.
    • Avoid distractions like electronic devices while driving and map out your route before you drive so you’re not reliant on GPS.

The concepts you learned during your safety training at work can be applied in your personal life. Take what you’ve learned about staying safe at work and share it with your classmates, friends or family.  By leaving your “safety cap” on after work and making a routine of having healthy discussions about safety with others, you could help prevent an injury or even save a life!

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