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At the South Platte Water Renewal Partners we are dedicated to maintaining a strong relationship with our community through transparency and outreach. We strive to provide information in a way that is accessible and approachable. SPWRP staff members welcome the opportunity to engage about the water renewal process and the critical role that SPWRP play in the vitality of the communities we serve.

Projects / Innovations

The Science and Innovation Optimization Team creatively uses science and out-of-the-box thinking to explore and deliver innovative solutions to problems facing the water renewal facility.

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Odor Concerns

South Platte Water Renewal Partners is committed to odor control. However, we cannot guarantee that there will be no odors at our plant. If you experience odors, please fill out the Odor Reporting Form.

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Residential Recycling / Disposal

Recycling saves landfill space, conserves resources, and cuts down on both energy and water. Each piece of material you recycle makes a positive impact on the environment. Provided are resources for recycling and disposal.

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What not to flush

When items are flushed down the toilet that should be put in the trash bin, they cause problems in our homes, in collection system and at the water renewal facility. Listed are the items that should not be flushed down the toilet or dumped down the drain.

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Community Events

The South Platte Water Renewal Partners hosts four major community events annually where community members are invited to visit our facility and learn about the water renewal process. We also partner with the Cities of Englewood and Littleton at their events to educate the community on the water renewal process.

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Virtual 3D Tours

Tour our facility from the comfort of your home! Take a virtual tour of our facility to better understanding each step of the water renewal process.

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Tour Information

We welcome the opportunity to spend time with you and educate you on our facility and the water renewal process. We have several tour lengths available and can accommodate a range of ages and group sizes.

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Land Application Information

Biosolids are the major by-product of the wastewater treatment process and can be applied as a fertiliser to improve and maintain productive soils and stimulate plant growth.

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Interactive Service Map

Use this search function to determine the Sewer District, Water District and Storm Drainage District for your address. It will also provide additional information on the service provider, billing provider and contact information.

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South Platte River Information

The South Platte River is one of the two principal tributaries of the Platte River. Flowing through Colorado and Nebraska, it is a major river of the American Midwest, Southwest and Mountain West. The river serves as the main source of water for eastern Colorado.

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Photo Library

Experience the water renewal facility through photographs of our facility, community events and educational events. These photos help to tell the story of the water renewal process and how continue to be stewards of the South Platte River.

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  ODOR ALERT NOTIFICATION: Due to maintenance activities at the South Platte Water Renewal Partners, there may be noticeable odors through Wednesday, January 9, 2019. Learn More