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At the South Platte Water Renewal Partners, we are committed to maintaining successful partnerships with all of our stakeholders, including businesses that operate in our service area or do business with our facility. Learn about requirements for different businesses, septic haulers and contractors.

Industrial Pretreatment

The Pretreatment Program partners with businesses to successfully remove harmful pollutants from the wastewater stream before it is discharged to the sewer. This ensures protection of the collection system and the water renewal facility.

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Information for New Businesses

Are you a new business within our service area or are you unsure of how your operations might impact the water renewal facility? Submit a Business Information Survey to help identify potential risks.

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Information for Food Establishments

Fats, oils and grease that are released as a byproduct from food establishments and can negatively impact the facility’s sewer, the collection system and the water renewal facility. Learn about ways to minimize the harmful effects of fats, oils and grease.

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Information for Auto Establishments

Petroleum oil, grease and sand can cause dangerous conditions in the collections systems and water renewal facility and negatively impact the South Platte River. Learn about ways to minimize the harmful effects of petroleum oil, grease and sand.

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Information for Dentists

The new EPA Dental Amalgam Rule is designed to reduce the amount of mercury being released by dental offices. Submit a Dental Discharger’s One-Time Compliance Report to ensure effective compliance with the Dental Amalgam Rule.

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Industrial Requirements

Industrial Waste Permits are issued to facilities that generate any prohibited pollutants to ensure that hazardous waste is not discharged to the collection system that could negatively impact the water renewal facility or endanger public health or the environment.

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Septic Waste

Learn about our septic waste program which provides a convenient location for permitted septic haulers to discharge specific types of wastes at SPWRP's septic waste receiving facility.

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Information for Contractors

Download documents from the Construction Management Manual to ensure adequate communication during SPWRP construction projects.

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Interactive Service Map

Use this search function to determine the Sewer District, Water District and Storm Drainage District for your address. It will also provide additional information on the service provider, billing provider and contact information.

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Community Events

The South Platte Water Renewal Partners hosts four major community events annually where community members are invited to visit our facility and learn about the water renewal process. We also partner with the Cities of Englewood and Littleton at their events to educate the community on the water renewal process.

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Water Renewal Process

At the South Platte Water Renewal Partners we use a biological treatment process that harnesses the natural power of native bacteria to sustainably clean and renew water using the least amount of chemicals and energy.

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  ODOR ALERT NOTIFICATION: Due to maintenance activities at the South Platte Water Renewal Partners, there may be noticeable odors through Wednesday, January 9, 2019. Learn More