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Category Archive: Updates and News

Wipes Clog Pipes

At South Platte Water Renewal Partners, we understand the current challenges of spending more time at home and the possibility of running short on necessary paper products.  During this time, please remember what is best for your personal plumbing system and the City’s sewer infrastructure by only flushing the 3 P’s.  Thank you for your […]

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Used Water is Not a Waste

What happens to the water and waste that leaves your homes, schools and businesses through your plumbing? Why does it matter? Where does it go? Who gets all that stuff? Those drains you deal with each day are not black holes, and what you put down them does matter!  Whatever you put down a drain […]

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Virtual 3D Tours

Tour our facility from the comfort of your home! Take a virtual tour of our facility to better understanding each step of the water renewal process.

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Tour Information

We welcome the opportunity to spend time with you and educate you on our facility and the water renewal process. We have several tour lengths available and can accommodate a range of ages and group sizes.

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Interactive Service Map

Use this search function to determine the Sewer District, Water District and Storm Drainage District for your address. It will also provide additional information on the service provider, billing provider and contact information.

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